Recognized as a professional photographer in Texas for over 20 years, Angela Free Gonzales has a knack for pulling out the feelings of a moment through her camera. After running the largest photography studio in Midland, TX for the past 15 years Angela is simplifying and getting back to the basics as a solo, freelance photographer.

This transition to the newly branded (and married!) Angela Gonzales allows her to continue to do what she loves while having more time to focus on the details of each project. The second you meet Angela you will know that she is extremely relationship oriented, through photography she creates cherished bonds that like a photograph, will last through time.


Angela, you are amazing and so talented. You made Alexia feel like a princess.  Thank you for making all of us look good!

– Larry Rodriguez

I think you have an amazing vision for making thing happen. Pictures are worth a million words and at the end of our experience we definitely recommend and will use your services in the future.

– Victoria Moore Venegas

Your greatest strength is kindness.  You put the client’s needs first and are so friendly.  This is so important to me.  My favorite part of my experience was that I felt so comfortable!  When I booked my session I was really nervous.  The closer it got the more I wanted to cancel. My husband told me if I didn’t go through with it I would regret it. He was absolutely right.  I’m so glad I had the courage.  Women should feel empowered with this type of session.  I would do it again!

– Heather Watson

I loved the whole experience. It was first class. As a business owner I believe you are passing your strengths onto the young ladies that work with you.

– Kennie McClinton

Everything went above and beyond my expectations. Every session was so much fun.

– Destinee Marcum

Ten out of 5!  Our first visit was for Jas’ sweet 16.- Absolutely fantastic!!  The best was our New York City trip through this I also gained a best friend in Angela.

– Lisa Salazar

We have loved every minute of our experience.  Very loving and heartfelt all the way around.  Thank you!

– Krystal Moore

Our daughter was married and you captured that moment in time for us forever.  We fell in love with the relaxed way you made us feel and Beyond Beautiful photographs you took.  Every time I look at her picture on our wall it takes me back to that day.  You make it so very easy.   You took a stressful time and relaxed us.  We love you and thank you for all your Great work!

– Diane Cross

You delivered on all our expectations!  Victoria’s engagement photos were absolutely amazing.  The Bridal and Beauty session we did in Austin were outstanding!  Your greatest strength is capturing your client’s vision.  Thank you for all the beautiful photos.  I get so much pleasure looking back at all the albums!! You did an Amazing job!!

– Becky Moore

We came for high school senior pictures.  You are very professional and knowledgeable.  We don’t think any other senior has photos like we do. 

– Kathy Epley

I truly feel like you are family.  I’ve had the best time with you.  Thank you for capturing the most memorable and special moments in my life!  Love ya’ll so much!

– Ashley Livingston

I have used Angela for everything from engagement pics, babies, boudoir, and wedding.  I love her mix of creativity and professionalism.  I am always satisfied with the outcome and I love the options to purchase packages, books, and beautiful picture collections. 

– Whitney Salazar

Thanks for all your awesomeness!

– Tiffany Riddle

I love everything Angela does.  We feed off each other and everything turns out so Great!

– Chelsea Petty

Angela’s pictures are absolutely incredible.  Especially the non staged shots. She is also very entertaining during the session which makes all the difference.  Customer for Life! 

– Justin Petty

Angela connects extremely well to the desires of the customer and the quality of the final product is second to none!

– Lynn James

We did a short shoot for greeting cards at our house.  I appreciate how you didn’t fiddle around for 2 hours.  We didn’t need to.  Picking out our cards was also very well done. 

– Paul Davis

You have taken my cheap experience from Sears to a true artist!  I cannot thank you enough Angela!

– Trina Abney

Way over the top!  You are truly the 1% and outclass your competition!

– Greg Niehus

We were concerned that the process wouldn’t be easy with 4 children.  Angela was so good with all of us and the kids actually enjoyed the process.  It was so easy and we couldn’t believe how smooth it went. 

– Gina Berrones

You didn’t mind driving almost an hour to the pasture full of cows!  No other photographer “had the time.”  Everyone had a blast.  You were very calm and able to capture everyone’s personality. 

– Dodie Mills

We take lots of pictures on our own.  However we often fail to catch the moment or our son’s completely personality.  This is where Angela shines!! Photography done right is more magic than art and science. 

– Dan Hannifin

The time and effort spent to make us feel like valuable clients rather than just another customer is so invaluable.  I can’t imagine referring any business for any type of service as highly as yours.. 

– Crista Bullock

Angela has always made my family feel such at ease.  She captures an essence of who we truly are, rather than some sterile photo where everyone has each hair in place with a plastic smile.  The kids actually get excited to have photos taken.  Angela not only captures memories, she creates them. 

– Brad Bullock

Angela is so approachable and friendly!  I feel I was meant to meet her! Her quality is by far surpassed by none. 

– Amy Davenport

Angela is great with each individual.  She makes it very comfortable!  Competant, cool and relaxed!

– DeLaura Gammage

We still get compliments on your photography and so you are “locked in” as our photographer for life! 

– Madlyn Babb

There is no doubt that you put your heart and soul into everything you do.  It definitely shows in your actions and the ultimate results of your photos. 

– Martha Schwartz

Angela is intoxicating!  People are naturally drawn to her.  She is personable and friendly.  Very professional and ALWAYS takes care of her client. I always know that everything will be perfect with her.  I mean all that! 

– Shellie Branum Alvarado

Thank you for making photography such an art!

– Becca Payne

We had been looking in Dallas for a photographer and came with the intention of not booking you.  Just checking.  Then we met Angela.  We weren’t disappointed and have continued to be pleased with all service, product, and communication. 

– Shelly Warren

My first session with Angela was to take portraits of my 2 year old daughter.  I had had pictures taken of her before, but none like Angela took.  It was not just a “photo session” but more of an experience.  I was honestly wondering what the pictures would turn out like because my daughter was just running around crazy and getting dirty which is a mom’s nightmare for pictures, ususally.  The first time I saw the pictures, it brought tears to my eyes.  She captures every expression that I love about my daughter and truly brought out her personality the pictures. 

– Regan Weaver

You have the professionalism of a large company but the warmth and comfort of a small family owned business.  Do not change a thing! 

– Robin Reed

I thank God for your talent. 

– Donnell Welch

We felt so comfortable and it was so easy doing something that we will always treasure.  Thank you so much for being our family photographer as well as a friend to all of us. 

– Tammy Svetlik

I have always loved Angela for the down to earth attitude and her ability to capture the most important moments in my life perfectly. 

– Matt Babb

In a word….Exceptional.  Angela took my daughter’s senior pictures.  The level of quality and personal touch was both refreshing and appreciated.  I honestly could not ask for more.  Thanks! 

– Leigh Pate

I appreciated that she was willing to come to my home to help assess what portraits and styles would work for us.  I think the best part was that the actual picture taking experience turned out to be so much fun!

– Sandy Oldham

I love Angela’s ideas.  You do such a wonderful job, its hard to suggest anything to make it better.  Just keep up the great work!

– Pam Tiffin

Angela draws my girls out and captures them as I see them and allows them to be who they are even on the other side of the lens.  As a momma with little girls budding self-confidence I appreciate that you draw attention to the qualities that make them unique. 

– Sarah Miller

The whole family has formed a close relationship with you, for us not only being a client but to feel like you were a part of our family.  We can share anything with you and for that we are so grateful.  We love you!  You are the best. 

– Nancy Plunk

Lordy- You make me spend more money than I do on shoes and purses!!! But you are great! 

– Karen Sullivan

Don’t fix what’s not broken.

– Schwartz

We are not your only clients- but we sure felt like it.  Thanks for that! 

– Ron Welch

Angela has taken pictures for us to treasure. 

– Michelle Mauzy

We’ve stayed with Angela because no one takes better pictures.  I love Angie’s ideas, and creativity.  It feels like home.  It’s like getting incredible photography from a family member.  I always end up in tears because she captures the subject so incredibly.  It’s like the subject can speak to you and is alive in the image. Awesome Always! 

–Bridget Hannifin