My Story

Thank you so much for stopping by and wanting to know a little more about me. I am a photographer based in the West Texas area but serving far beyond as well. I have four guys in my life. Adrian, my husband, Tyler, and Ethan who are my children, and a very handsome boxer named Jack.

I have had a love of photography since I was in school where I took pictures for my high school yearbook. That seems like a lifetime ago but I knew even then that art and imagery were to be a part of my creativity.

I began working with a camera again when my children were diagnosed with autism in 1996.  I may be the original “mommy-turned-pro” photographer.  When I first began shooting again it was because I wanted good pictures of my children and there weren’t many options for us.  I had other moms with similar situations approach me requesting help so I started shooting for children with special needs.

I still vividly remember delivering my first session images.  It was to a mother named Karen. After years of also trying (and failing), she was desperate to have some good pictures taken of her son Austin. Austin had autism.  He was such a cool kid and he loved airplanes.  So, we spent about an hour in his room where he was comfortable.  There were no flashes, no squeaky toys to make him smile. We just hung out.  I still remember him spinning the propellers of his toy plane and making his motor noises. This was to be the beginning of my career in photography although I wasn’t aware of it at the time.  Karen cried when she got those images.  She said, “No one ever sees him. They always just see a child with an illness.”  That was the moment I knew I had to do this for others.

The funny part is that I quickly realized the need we all have to be photographed in a less invasive way.  All of us, with or without challenges, just do better when we are photographed naturally.

I decided to invest in my passion and studied photography at Odessa College for about three years while continuing to do natural photo sessions on the side. As I approached the end of my third year I was swamped with photography sessions and decided it was time to turn my real-life photography style sessions into a full-time career. I created Studio 1401 which became the largest photography studio in Midland. With the expansive growth, I no longer had the time to truly capture my clients in their element. After many years as Studio 1401, I decided to sell the company in order to gain back my control. So now I’ve come full circle and am back to just me, my camera, and simply a love for photography. I am back to focusing on personal connections and how comfort brings out my clients’ true selves.

Today I have done thousands of shoots, hundreds of weddings, and my boys have grown into wonderful young men.  Although they are in their twenties, I may always see them as “kiddos.”  They are amazing.  They are still learning and much like the rest of us, they continue to strive to reach their potential.  I once read that ‘kids with special needs are happier in their cottage than most of us are in our mansions.’  It is true.  Tyler and Ethan are very happy and we still spend time together every week. They are working in job placement in their young adulthood and I couldn’t be prouder of them.  They have enormously big hearts, they love animals, Disney, and all things chocolate. They can also drink a case of Dr. Pepper in a 24-hour period if allowed to do so by the way.

I am so blessed to be married to an amazing man.  I met Adrian shortly after I had given up on the notion that true love existed.  That sounds cliché but is 100 percent true. We got married in the fall of 2014 at a small but near perfect ceremony in San Antonio, TX.  He is my biggest support, day in and day out, and the best second shooter I have ever had.  He carries all kinds of furniture, lights, equipment.  Surprisingly, he captures some of the best wedding shots when we work together.  I guess I trained him well!

So, there is just a little about me and my family.  I really hope to meet you and yours soon!  My goal is for my pictures to help tell your story.  Whether it be photographing your family, your children, your engagement, a milestone in your life, or your wedding day I would love to help you capture those moments.  I want to deliver beautiful photos that feel like art.  I want my photography to help you remember and share your story for years to come.